What are Tachyons?

Tachyons are sub-atomic particles which contain the full spectrum of the universal, spiritual Light. They were the very first particles created by the Source/Creator in the very beginning of this universe. Therefore they are directly connected to the Source and they emanate the original blueprint of creation. This includes the original blueprint of each of our soul, which is part of the Source..

Tachyons always exist simultaneously on all planes, i.e. physical, etheric. Therefore tachyons can initiate healing of any disease, be it physically, mentally, emotionally, etc. but this is still dependent on each individual’s free will decisions to align with the Source blueprint in every aspect. This is the main factor determining the speed of healing.

A Tachyon belt that represents the border between the entropic and syntropic universe is now surrounding our planet. High energy cosmic rays enter this Solar system from interstellar space and carry tachyons with them. Some of these tachyons reach the surface of our planet through a hyperdimensional wormhole that was created by means of a quartz oscillator crystal aboard Genesis II spacecraft and these tachyons can be utilized in the Tachyon healing chamber. This special Tachyon chamber enables the transmittal of tachyons from higher dimensions into physical matter.

Tachyons have an extraordinary healing and harmonizing effect. They can completely harmonize all  energy fields that are the result of gravity, electromagnetism and weak nuclear force. This is practically reflected in multitude ways. Tachyon energy harmonizes and enlivens the energy matrix  which shapes all matter and thus also our mental, emotional, etheric and physical bodies. All this affects greatly our physical health and well-being. Since it harmonizes all electromagnetic emissions it is also an excellent protection against all forms of electrosmog.

Legal Note and Disclaimer

Please note, the effect and the result of the energetic tachyon sessions are scientificly not proven and accepted yet. Subsequently, the tachyon chamber  represents an energetic treatment and not a medical treatment. Participation is your own responsibility and at your own risk and such treatment does not replace a medical diagnosis and regular medical treatment.

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