Important informations about tachyons chamber - sessions:

  • The tachyons work simultaneously in all areas, whether physically, mentally or emotionally. Being spiritual light and perfect awareness, they reach all aspects of our being and automatically „repair“ whatever is out of balance.
  • A session inside the Tachyon chamber takes 20 minutes. It touches every level of our being and has irreversible positive effects.
  • The primary intent of a 20 minute session in the tachyon chamber is not the healing of major illnesses, but a holistic curative treatment which is achieved by re-connecting with our inner source that is complete awareness. Thus the tachyons are automatically directed to the place that needs regeneration most.
  • The use of the tachyon chamber can initiate the internal healing  process of physical, psychical, emotional, or mental illnesses. Whether the healing process works and how fast it works depends entirely on your personal willingness and free will.
  • During the time in the tachyon chamber you can have a deep feeling of relaxation, regeneration, a feeling of security, happiness and sometimes bliss.
  • Everybody, no matter of the financial status should be able to try this experience. This is why the first appointment is always free of charge.
  • For the optimal effect in the tachyon chamber, we recommend 6 consecutive tachyon sessions
  • Three sessions within 7-10 days and one to two sessions within a week.


First session - Free of charge
Single treatment: € 65,00 incl. 20% VAT
Price: Block of 6 included 500ml tachyonwater: € 295,00 incl. 20% VAT

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Legal Note and Disclaimer

Please note, the effect and the result of the energetic tachyon sessions are scientificly not proven and accepted yet. Subsequently, the tachyon chamber represents an energetic treatment and not a medical treatment. Participation is your own responsibility and at your own risk and such treatment does not replace a medical diagnosis and regular medical treatment.